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Many business leaders are frustrated by little time or few resources to develop each employee on their teams.

We offer assessments, a customized training plan and coaching so they can have committed and productive employees.


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Improved Communication

Better understanding of how you and your teammates communicate best.

Improved Collaboration

Reducing the bottlenecks and a commitment to solve problems together.

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Increased Bottom Line

Reducing mistakes and increasing your team's efficiencies

What People Say About Working with Bob


I didn't realize how many walls I had placed in the way of my own success until I started to work with Bob.


Bob has been a great influence on my continued journey to be a better leader and a better person. Bob  blends the content of lesson with his personal experiences and applies both to the relevancy of our organization.


Bob is a positive influence in every meaning of the word. Being a part of his mastermind group helped me get clear and focused about my personal and professional goals.

Bob Claxton, Executive Director

Bob is a Founding Member of the Maxwell Leadership Team that is now over 45,000 people in 170 Countries Worldwide.

Teams We Worked With

Helping Churches in Transition

Many church leaders experience panic when they are surprised by a pastoral resignation. Don't fear let us help you.

Why Trust Robert J Claxton & Assoc?

We strive to provide an easy to use custom training plan that delivers results. We've been helping businesses develop potential leaders within their own companies, inside their walls and even during peak business hours.


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