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Your Team Could Be Suffering Silently from Covid-19

Have you noticed or had conversations in passing with your team about:

  • Anxiety, fear, panic
  • Unusually feeling disorganized or confused
  • Sudden emotional outburst
  • Unexplained physical problems?


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What happens if you chase two rabbits?


Good morning,

Dan Reiland said, “If you chase two rabbits, you get none. Pick a rabbit.”

He was right. Which rabbit are you chasing this morning?

If I could, can I encourage you with...

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Fear this... Not that

I think you are fearing the wrong things.

What is it that you are worrying about right now? 
Is it a big problem in your life? 
Can you do anything about it?

I remember living on the farm...

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Celebrating a Comeback


In March I was asked to do something that very few people attending the International Maxwell Certification Event in Orlando Florida would have. Among the 3,000 people in attendance I had the...

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