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What happens if you chase two rabbits?


Good morning,

Dan Reiland said, “If you chase two rabbits, you get none. Pick a rabbit.”

He was right. Which rabbit are you chasing this morning?

If I could, can I encourage you with what I am learning lately?

During this time of re-entering the world each of us has been bombarded with what I would call a "worst case scenario" mindset. I personally have been fighting to not focus on the negative but choosing the positive. Why? Because of this principle:

"What we focus on expands."

What are you focusing on? Ever wonder why when you start shopping for new vehicles you see them everywhere? Unconsciously you are looking for them.

Yes, we have had some businesses close in recent weeks. It bites. There will no doubt be casualties due to this downsizing.

My mentor says "what you put behind you shrinks." I don't know about you, but I want to put behind me all the negativity - and focus on the possibilities of the future. 

Here is my encouragement for today:

1. Put behind you want you can't do; put before you what you can do.

Take a piece of paper and make two columns. On the top left write, "What I can't do today!" On the top right, write "What I can do today!" Dump what comes to your mind about the left side - do it quickly. But then go to the right side and diligently describe what you can do today. Then pick the top three and go do it today.

If you look for it, you can find good news (if you haven't seen John Krasinski's SGN YouTube shows try one) many businesses are expanding in ways they never have imagined. Desperation is the mother of invention. DO you see this time as an opportunity to grow, expand, even build up a great business?

As we look to expand in a world that is contracting note how we need to keep focused and embrace courage.

FOCUS: "What we focus on expands."

COURAGE: "Life shrinks or expands in proportions to one's courage."

These two statements are incredible mobilizers. You've got this! How are you changing during these days? Expand your life, expand your business.

I believe in you and in the success of your business. If there is any way I can jump in on a team call and encourage you or your people, just reply to this message and let's set up a time. No worry about price - it's complementary!

Make it a great day!


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