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Your Team Could Be Suffering Silently from Covid-19

Have you noticed or had conversations in passing with your team about:

  • Anxiety, fear, panic
  • Unusually feeling disorganized or confused
  • Sudden emotional outburst
  • Unexplained physical problems?

Your team may be experiencing the second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s not what you think it is…

Your team is not infected with the corona virus… they are experiencing GRIEF.

Here is why it is GRIEF:

Covid-19 has robbed each member on your team (and you too) of many things as valuable…routine, rituals, relationships and even loved ones.

What is GRIEF? (Please read carefully)

(1) it is everything we think or feel inside after someone we love dies or leaves or something we are attached to goes away, (insert everything that disappeared)

(2) it is the intuitive response to loss

Here is the PROBLEM...our culture tends to deny, diminish, dismiss, distance themselves from and judge the pain of grief

Which leads to a GREATER PROBLEM…by not being aware or acknowledging the pain of loss, they will search for ways to numb the pain (alcohol or addictions).

How can you help your team? By educating and helping them understand they are not crazy but experiencing complicated grief.

How can I help your team? A great question.

 Everything shut down around March 15th, on March 18th my mom suddenly passed away in Ontario (not covid related) and I could not fly to be with my brother and sister to celebrate her life. Like many other businesses, I was stripped of opportunities and income. Access was denied to spend time with my children, grandchildren and my closest friends. Plus many other losses associated with what was my “normal life.”

Around the start of May, I remembered how I felt after losing my dad in 1990 and the education I gained completing Bereavement Skills a few years later. In short, I started to grieve my losses.

You may want a pill to quickly fix your team, but it does not require a pill, it requires a process…it takes time and right now you and your team may have a little extra time.

Can you spare 60 minutes to help your team gain awareness of this not talked about virus?

If you said yes, here is how I can assist you and your team:


Exposing the Unrealized Pandemic of Covid-19

6 Choices to Start Navigating Grief


If you are interested in Zooming me in or being in person, you can reach me at: [email protected] or 780-264-4955

I know the power of making these choices.


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